Suzuki String Lessons

Teacher and student facing each other playing bow games.

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Welcome to Weddington String Studio!

Has your child been asking for violin lessons? Could they use a little extra attention/motivation outside of their school program? Are you an adult who has always wanted to play the violin or pick it up again? You’re in the right place!

Suzuki Violin & Viola Lessons

“Character first, ability second.”
― Shinichi Suzuki, Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education

As a Suzuki trained teacher, former public school orchestra teacher, and director of a community youth orchestra, I believe in the transformative power of learning to play an instrument.

My connection to the Suzuki method started very young with my first violin teacher, my mom! She trained with Dr. Suzuki in Japan in the 1980s and handed me my first violin around the same time I learned to walk. Our teacher/student relationship lasted about as long as you’d expect, and when I was 9 I switched to outside teachers and went on to study violin performance and music education in college.

I have completed trainings through Violin Book 4 with additional enrichment courses. Click here to learn more about my Suzuki qualifications.

To learn more about the Suzuki philosophy in general, click here.

What to expect

Each student receives a weekly individual lesson. During lessons, children are encouraged to explore their own creativity while learning to play their instrument. I guide students through every step of the process using the Suzuki Method along with supplementary materials and pieces.

Following the Suzuki Method, I start with learning to play by ear and gradually incorporate note reading once the fundamentals are in place. Students participating in school orchestra often need to develop music reading skills sooner, and I tailor lessons to fit the needs of each student.

Students of all ages and levels are welcome, beginning at 3 years old. Lesson length depends on age and level but generally starts at 30 minutes.

The Suzuki Triangle: Student, teacher, and parent all working together

For very young beginners (3-6 year olds), I am the teacher one day of the week, and YOU are the teacher the other 6 days! Don’t worry, you do not need any prior musical training. By being present and engaged in each lesson, you will learn how to help your child with their home practice. Once students develop good practice habits and have a strong foundation, we will consult to determine the level of parental involvement that works best for you and your child.


I teach out of my home studio in the Fry’s Spring neighborhood in Charlottesville.


Tuition is collected at the first lesson of each month and includes weekly individual lessons and participation in recitals. Contact me for rates – I’m happy to work with you to find a payment option that works for your family.

Want to give it a try before committing?

This is a great idea! Get started with an introductory lesson! This is a chance for us to meet and see if it’s a good fit, for you to see the lesson space, for me to share expectations and answer any questions you have about the studio, and for us to play a few notes together.

After the lesson, I’m happy to put you on the schedule or steer you in another direction. Trial lessons last 20-30 minutes and cost $20. Request a lesson by sending me an email or filling out the contact form.

The bottom line…

Learning to play an instrument is a lifelong, endlessly rewarding journey full of challenges and opportunities for growth. Finding the right teacher for your family is the most important first step you can take. Get in touch and let’s see if this is a good fit!